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Alternative Risk Financing

Because we invest the time to understand our clients’ needs, we specialize in offering alternative risk financing solutions.

This means we have the resources and specialty products right for your situation.  From high deductible programs to Captive (owning your own insurance), to loss sensitive products, we will work with you to either:
  • Reduce/Eliminate the risk
  • Insure against risk
  • Transfer the risk

Am I at risk? If you answer yes to (2) or more questions, it may be time to talk to us:

  1. Have you had the same insurance company for 3 or more years?
  2. Was your loss ratio less than 50% last year?
  3. Do you even KNOW what is your current loss ratio?
  4. Has it been more than 2 years since the last time your insurance program was assessed?
  5. Do you know what your current insurance does NOT cover?
  6. Is your experience modifier correct?
  7. Do you known what your experience modifier is and how it impacts you?