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Tornado Preparation and Safety

Tornadoes are extremely dangerous! They can have wind speeds up to 300 miles per hour, leaving a devastating path of destruction in their wake. Damage paths from tornadoes vary greatly and have been recorded up to 3-4 miles wide with a distance up to 235 miles. Oklahoma will experience many tornadoes...
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Prepare For Winter Driving

In Oklahoma, and the surrounding region, you need to be prepared for winter driving. The recent winter weather should be a good reminder of proper winter driving procedures for commercial vehicles. Driving a commercial motor vehicle during the often extreme driving conditions of winter presents many challenges for the professional...
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New OSHA Standards for GHS

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standards are designed to protect employees from hazardous chemicals used or stored in the work setting. These standards have been recently updated and place new requirements on employers and chemical manufacturers. Here is what OSHA had tosay on this topic: “New changes to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s...
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